Classes are now available  in the long semester! 

 PLS2607 is still being recorded offline. Students are free to consult at anytime, as always. Please do your assignments on time! 

Classes and registration now in underway. Register first. PLEASE CREATE YOUR 2021 ACCOUNT FIRST!

Welcome to Tich Online

DISCLAIMER:  Tich Online is not in anyway associated with UNISA, and neither is it affiliated to this great institution. This is an initiative just to enhance distance learning, at minimum cost to the student. We do not own the material, and all UNISA's rights are reserved, but we do however, own all the videos.

1.  On contract cheating: We view with great concern any attempt, or form thereof, to solicit any form of cheating. We are not here to defeat learning, but rather, to enhance it.  We do not sell assignments, we do not do assignments, and WORSE, we do not write examinations for students.

2. Fees : Each First Year module costs R300 per semester. Each Second Year module costs R450 per semester. Each Third Year module costs R550 per semester. You can pay in two instalments within 30 days. This includes classes, and revision classes.  You can PAY ONLINE, or REQUEST for Banking Details.

3.  Available Modules: Due to capacity, we offer ALGEBRA and some modules  so that we can efficiently attend to all our students concerns. Please inquire if your desired module is not on the timetable..

4. The classes: All classes are ONLINE, via ZOOM. If you miss a class, no worries, we will keep the recording for you. 

5. Availability: Please use our WHATSAPP CHAT number - 071 724 8165-  to get in touch with us, or email The difference between us and other tutors, is our availability.

For the best experience, download the MOODLE app on Play Store, and enter All your modules will be there! We can also chat!

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